NAIAD is a bioinformatics startup creating novel bioactive molecules targeting G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), a superfamily of receptors involved in a wide range of diseases. The STYX technology we are developing and our strong capabilities in structure based drug design will enable us to build a robust pipeline of new molecules with high potential to become next generation medicines. Our major focus relies on the development of molecules targeting GPCRs and resulting in biased signaling, a feature that emerged as essential for minimization of adverse effects. STYX is a computational technology that allow us to predict the signaling pathway induced by a molecule interacting with a GPCR. The unique feature of our technology when compared with others on the market is the strong bias prediction of a molecule before any cellular tests.




Target: Angiotensin type II receptor 1, Condition: Hypertension, Heart failure

We are developing small molecules targeting the Angiotensin type II receptor 1 (AGTR1). These molecules can lead to a new generation of antihypertensives, blocking the G-protein pathway – lowering the arterial pression, and activating the Beta-arrestin pathway – keeping the cardioprotective effects linked to AGTR1 activation that are lost in the current treatments.

Target: Oxytocin Receptor, Condition: Autism spectrum disorders, anxiety

We are developing small molecules targeting the Oxytocin Receptor (OXTR). These molecules can lead to one of the first classes of drugs to effectively treat Autism Spectrum Disorder symptoms, strongly activating the G-protein pathway – improving sociability and anxiety symtoms, without activate the Beta-arrestin pathway – making its anxyolitic and pro-social effects stronger and long-lasting.



CEO – Pedro Henrique Camargo Penna (PhD Candidate)
Expertise in molecular evolution, molecular modelling and drug design. Working since 2015 in bioinformatics business.

CTO – Valderes De Conto (PhD )
Expertise in molecular modelling, biostatistics, drug design and QM/MM. Working in the cited scientific fields for the last 10 years.

CBDO – Ricardo di Lazzaro Filho (Msc, MD)
Expertise in biotechnology business since 2010, successfully exit from a biotech, awarded Innovators Under 35 by MIT Technology Review in 2020. Focused on genetics and pharmaceutical business.



Prof. Antonio Sérgio Kimus Braz (PhD)
Expertise in molecular modelling, structural biology, QM/MM, drug design and molecular evolution.

Prof. Maurício Domingues Coutinho Neto (PhD)
Expertise in molecular modelling, structural biology, QM/MM and quantum chemistry.

Prof. Claudio Miguel da Costa Neto (PhD)
Expertise in biochemistry, cell biology and new strategies for the in vitro testing of GPCRs.




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